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04 Jan 2016
Neko Atsume Cheats
As a great fun of this game, I have been playing this game for some few weeks and I am totally addicted to it now. I will show show you some few Neko Atsume Cheats that will greatly improve your gaming experience. It can also allow you to access unlimited amount of fishes and gold fishes. 

Tubbs and more fishes. Tubbs is an adorable fat white cat. When you have a good level of food, you will attract him. He will eat all your food to begin with and then lounge. The trick is to not refill the bowl immediately. Doing this will make him walk away. However, if you leave the bowl empty, he leave at his own pace and reward you with many more fishes. This cheat allows you to get extra free fishes.

Higher quality food attracts rare cats. Quality...